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(Re)Defining The GoalKevin FlemingHow is it possible that both university graduates and unfilled job openings are both at record-breaking highs? Our world has changed. New and emerging occupations in every industry now require a combination of academic knowledge and technical ability. With rising education costs, mounting student debt, fierce competition for jobs, and the oversaturation of some academic majors in the workforce, we need to once again guide students towards personality-aligned careers and not just into college. Extensively researched, (Re)Defining the Goal deconstructs the prevalent "one-size-fits-all" education agenda. The author provides a fresh perspective, replicable strategies, and outlines six proven steps to help students secure a competitive advantage in the new economy. Gain a new paradigm and the right resources to help students avoid the pitfalls of unemployment, or underemployment, after graduation.14.9916.99BREDEFINING
100 Years of Working Wonders Pin New! This lapel pin celebrates 100+ years of CTE. Piece attaches with military clutch pin. ACTE is the sole source for this product.2.752.75IWORKWOND
ACTE Lapel PinACTEWear it with pride. With military type clutch. White with the ACTE blue logo. ACTE is the sole source for this product.2.502.50ILPIN
ADMIN Leadership: 10 Things BLUEJohn Foster, Clyde Hornberger, Delmas WatkinsWhether you're just getting started as a new CTE administrator, or have been on the job for some time, this book will help you be more successful in your role as a CTE leader. By breaking down the key responsibilities involved in administering high quality CTE programs and personnel, the authors of this book share practical advice and tips on how to get the job done. Complementing each chapter is guidance from over thirty recognized CTE administrators, sharing their insights on how they approached accomplishing core tasks and responsibilities of their positions. Readers will discover best practices in working with your faculty, employers and other officials while ensuring that their curriculum meets learners' needs. Readers will find this book full of valuable tips and resources that can be put to use immediately. ACTE is the sole source for this product.19.9524.95BADMIN10
ADMIN Leadership: 10 MORE GREENEdward Bouquillon/John Foster/Clyde Hornberger/Delmas WatkinsThis book, the second ACTE's Administrative Leadership series, will help you to be more successful in your role as a CTE leader. Administrators will learn about data collection & reporting, personnel and budgeting activities that occur later in their first year. This book is an indispensable read for every new and aspiring CTE administrator and serves as a valuable refresher for veteran leaders.19.9524.95BAD10MORE
Administrator Beyond your First YearsEdward Bouquillon John Foster Clyde HornbergerThe third and final book in the popular CTE Administrative
Leadership series, will help you be more successful in your role as a
CTE leader. The book shares practical advice, insights and
tips from dozens of successful CTE administrators from around the country.
Other topics that new administrators will encounter include evaluating your
CTE programs of study for high-quality delivery, supporting special needs
learners, integrating academic & CTE concepts and student credentialing.
Answering Why NEWMark C. PernaPacked with perspectives from professionals representing educational organizations and businesses across North America, Mark C. Perna's new book, Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, will help educators implement strategies to inspire students to perform at a higher level. Everyone in the world of education, including administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, and support staff, can benefit from these tools that address the urgent skills gap crisis and provide proven strategies to motivate and inspire young people.24.9527.95BANSWERWHY
BEYOND Your 1st Yr: 10 Add'l Things ORANGEJohn Foster, Pamela Foster, Clyde HornbergerWhether you're just wrapping up your first year or you're a veteran career and technical educator, knowing how to grow in your profession is important. Understanding how the CTE system functions on both the state and national level provides the CTE professional with insights into what they need to know, what mechanisms exist for supporting their programs and their own continuing development. Readers will discover how to advocate for their programs and their students as well as how to use the data and information about the impact that they make through their teaching to support their efforts and their careers. Readers will find this book full of valuable tips and resources that can be put to use immediately. This book is an indispensable read for every new CTE teacher and is a valuable refresher for classroom veterans.
ACTE is the sole source for this product.
Building Advisory Boards That MatterBrett Pawlowski, Hans MeederAn ACTE publication that will help you develop an effective board for your CTE program. In this book, you will also learn how to effectively engage key stakeholders, whether they are members of business and industry organizations, community groups, certification or postsecondary programs, parents, students or general citizens. Advisory boards give form and structure to stakeholder engagement and are a valuable focal point for implementing your stakeholder engagement program. This book will help you create an advisory board that helps you steer your program, build capacity, pull in new resources and expertise, and provide students and staff with opportunities they could never realize otherwise. All it takes is the right attitude, an understanding of what advisory boards can be, some strategic thinking and a little leg work. In short, anyone can build a powerful and productive advisory board—this book will show you what it can look like and how you can build your own. ACTE is the sole source for this product.10.9514.95BADVISORY
Building The Ladder As You Climb ItSTEPHEN R. COFFEEEarly career postsecondary CTE administrators find they have to navigate a complex organizational landscape, one that includes bureaucratic, political, budgetary, and pedagogical dimensions. Beyond all that, they are expected to lead. Their success, as well as that of their instructors, their students, and to a significant extent, their community depends on their leadership. But what does leadership mean in this context, and how does one achieve it?

Read front to back, this Handbook will take you on a vicarious professional development journey. You will be a fly on the wall following the experience of the first cohort of the Postsecondary Leadership Success Program at ACTE, sponsored by ECMC Foundation. You will encounter a gumbo of issues and challenges, laced with nuggets of wisdom and information and seasoned with candid reactions from the participants. Alternatively, the book can be used as a reference to find points of entry to a wide range of "contemporary topics" in CTE leadership.

But I'm NOT a Reading Teacher New!Sandra Adams and Gwendolyn LeiningerLearn the instructional practices that make classroom learning and literacy work come alive--chunking, frequent formative checks, student productive talk, and digital & physical tools. These are just some ways that help close the achievement gap and create a student-driven classroom that resembles the lab. When you have high and low level readers in the same classroom, it can be a serious challenge to effectively teach new content. This book provides concrete ways to make your classroom learning as engaging as your lab. There are excellent CTE teaching examples with every strategy. For CTE directors, this book can be the answer to professional learning, by providing over 60 lessons your whole teaching staff will appreciate.18.0018.00BBUTIMNOT
CTE Administrator Handbook New!Larae Watkins, Ph.D & Michelle Conrad, Ph.DThe CTE Administrator Handbook can be used with the free online
course, CTE Administrator, developed by the Association for Career
and Technical Education® (ACTE®) or as a stand-alone resource.

The Handbook is designed as a workbook, full of activities for
Administrators to use for their own professional growth and to be used
with their staff. Each chapter explores one of the five topics that
CTE Administrators are responsible as overseers of high-quality career
and technical education programs. Chapters also feature a rich set of
resources to help CTE Administrators build their professional skills and grow in their careers. Learn more at www.ctelearn.org/ctelessons.
CTE: What Families Need to Know 25 PackACTEThis resource can be used to help students and their families understand the benefits of participating in CTE programs-- including information on how CTE helps students find their passions, develop real-world skills and prepare for the future. Research facts and links to additional resources are also included. Updated 202219.9522.00BCTEWHATFAM
CTE: What Families Need to Know 50 PackACTEThis resource can be used to help students and their families understand the benefits of participating in CTE programs-- including information on how CTE helps students find their passions, develop real-world skills and prepare for the future. Research facts and links to additional resources are also included. Updated 202229.9533.00BCTEWHATFAM50
Curriculum Design & Development in Career and Technical Edu.Michelle ConradThis textbook approach to designing and developing high-quality instruction for career and technical education courses is an indispensable guide for pre-service teachers to veteran educators seeking to enhance their curriculum and maximize their learners’ skills acquisition. Applicable across all career clusters, users of this book will develop an understanding and appreciation of a systems approach to curriculum development that is a foundation for high-quality learning experiences by their students.

The book is organized in four parts:

Part I focuses on the historical and philosophical perspectives of CTE curriculum development from early apprenticeships and manual training through the significant legislation and philosophers who impacted CTE curricular changes.

Part II provides a foundation for curriculum content, including engaging partners in curriculum development, and overviews of the technical, academic, and employability standards needed for high quality CTE curriculum and programs.

Part III explores CTE learners, their diversity and needs.

Part IV of the text explores the details of curriculum construction, including learning goals, levels of learning, objectives, curriculum mapping, and unit and lesson planning.
Employer Engagement ToolkitBrett Pawlowski and Charlie KatzWritten by Brett Pawlowski, Executive Vice President of NC3T, and Charlie Katz, President of Charlie Katz Consulting and former Director of Corporate Engagement with the National Academy Foundation, the Employer Engagement Toolkit is a complete guide to finding and effectively engaging the business community.

Sections of the book include:
o Essentials of Partnerships - Foundational information on partnerships, including what are partnerships; how students, staff, and businesses benefit; and how to identify the assets needed to fuel partnerships
o How to Work with Partners - An introduction to the nine different models you can consider when building relationships with your partners
o How to Recruit Partners - How to find the partners you need, how to connect with them, and how to engage them in your program
o Measuring Partnership Outcomes - Design an effective measurement/evaluation model to track outcomes for your partnerships
o Sustainability: Engaging Partners for the Long Haul - Your best partners are those who come back year after year; find out how to boost long-term involvement
o Deep Dive: Advisory Boards - An in-depth review covering how to set up and run an effective advisory board
o EET Case Files - Fifteen case studies showcasing different partnership models in action. Spiral-bound.
Maintaining Strategic RelevanceKevin J. FlemingThe community and technical college mission requires offering relevant Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Board policies are plentiful for creating new programs in alignment with workforce needs. However,few districts have robust policies in place to appropriately discontunue or replace CTE programs. This book identifies sucessful CTE program discontinuance including how people feel about the process and the impact of institutional culture. The interviews and policy Analysis conducted provide best practices to effectively and appropriately discontinue CTE programs. Eleven practical recommendations are outlined to help community and technical colleges in establishing program discontinuance processes which strategically and effectively discontinue CTE programs while making optimal use of limited fiscal and human resources. This book provides readers with informtion on career and technical education,approriate to manage the constant Churning of CTE programs,college governance, and academic discontinuance policies.32.9534.95BMAINTAINING
Next Level: Classroom instruction for CTE Teachers.Sandra Adams with Gwendolyn LeiningerCareer and Technical Educators know students come alive in the lab, where work is relevant, practical, and hands-on. Career and Technical Education (CTE) labs engage learners and let students see a path for their future. But what about the other half of the CTE experience, the classroom? In this quick read, school leaders will find effective and engaging CTE-focused stories to use as a basis for professional development activities. CTE instructional coach Sandra Adams brings to light four attributes that make the lab such a success and shows teachers how to bring them into the classroom. In sharing stories of real CTE teachers who took their classroom instruction to the next level, Adams comes alongside readers to inspire practical, manageable changes to improve student engagement and learning in the CTE classroom.11.0012.00BNEXTLEVEL
Perkins V: The Official GuideACTE© content by Alisha HyslopNEW! Perkins V: The Official Guide to the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, prepared for CTE practitioners and stakeholders seeking to better understand Perkins V, will provide comprehensive information and guidance to aid in implementation. It includes: background and overview of the new law; highlights of changes that will have the greatest impact on your programs; a complete side-by-side showing key differences between Perkins IV and Perkins V; section-by-section summary and analysis of Perkins V; summary and relevant sections of other federal legislation referenced within Perkins V for clear crosswalking, including the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA); the complete text of the new law; an index for easy reference. ACTE is the Sole Source of this Publication. ACTE Members: $41.95 / Non-Members. $44.95

MEMBERS: $34.95/each for 5 or more copies. NON-MEMBERS $41.95 each 5 copies or more.
PLC in CTESandra AdamsPLC in CTE: The power of professional learning communities to create thriving cultures of achievement within career and technical education Paperback

PLC in CTE is the answer to how we create thriving cultures of achievement within career and technical education. This book provides the antidote to teacher and student apathy by highlighting how CTE experiences allow students and adult learners alike to realize new potential within themselves. The answer lies in teacher-driven change.

Dr. Adams contends that in order to build efficacy in students, CTE teachers need support to build their own efficacy around instruction. This book moves beyond why we need change. PLC in CTE details how adult learners strengthen both individual and collective efficacy as educators—following the PLC frameworks of inquiry, research and the science of learning.

Adult learners learn best when they transition between individual reflection and small group collaborative sessions. We need collaboration around high evidence-based instructional practices that embody career and technical experiences.

PLC in CTE details how to achieve teacher-driven change by following each framework. Adherence to these teacher-driven frameworks will empower CTE teams to achieve collective efficacy and transform your whole approach to professional development.

How do learning communities accelerate change in student achievement within CTE?
In traditional K–12 schools, establishment of PLCs with teacher groups normally focuses on a deep study of standards. Teachers are often encouraged to create common assessments and track student performance toward standard mastery. Standardized assessments then reveal how well the PLC work is driving student achievement gains. CTE teams face a different mission—one of technical and performance skill mastery, professional growth and career field literacy.

If we follow the three models for PLC in CTE, we can redesign the purpose of collaboration and achieve cultures where adult and student learning both thrive. This book explains how PLC in CTE requires a shift from our typical content-focused approach to collaborative instructional-focused work. Within CTE learning communities, teachers sharpen their focus, refining instructional practice across all program areas. This is the work that will help adult learners transform student learning experiences — reflecting second-order change.

We want our CTE teams to experience professional learning in a decidedly different way than they have before. Learning communities are an essential tool in reaching transformative change because, by nature, they focus on process over outcome.