Building Advisory Boards That Matter

Building Advisory Boards That Matter
An ACTE publication that will help you develop an effective board for your CTE program. In this book, you will also learn how to effectively engage key stakeholders, whether they are members of business and industry organizations, community groups, certification or postsecondary programs, parents, students or general citizens. Advisory boards give form and structure to stakeholder engagement and are a valuable focal point for implementing your stakeholder engagement program. This book will help you create an advisory board that helps you steer your program, build capacity, pull in new resources and expertise, and provide students and staff with opportunities they could never realize otherwise. All it takes is the right attitude, an understanding of what advisory boards can be, some strategic thinking and a little leg work. In short, anyone can build a powerful and productive advisory board—this book will show you what it can look like and how you can build your own. ACTE is the sole source for this product.
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