Building The Ladder As You Climb It

Building The Ladder As You Climb It
Early career postsecondary CTE administrators find they have to navigate a complex organizational landscape, one that includes bureaucratic, political, budgetary, and pedagogical dimensions. Beyond all that, they are expected to lead. Their success, as well as that of their instructors, their students, and to a significant extent, their community depends on their leadership. But what does leadership mean in this context, and how does one achieve it?

Read front to back, this Handbook will take you on a vicarious professional development journey. You will be a fly on the wall following the experience of the first cohort of the Postsecondary Leadership Success Program at ACTE, sponsored by ECMC Foundation. You will encounter a gumbo of issues and challenges, laced with nuggets of wisdom and information and seasoned with candid reactions from the participants. Alternatively, the book can be used as a reference to find points of entry to a wide range of "contemporary topics" in CTE leadership.

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