Curriculum Development & Design in Career and Technical Edu.

Curriculum Development & Design in Career and Technical Edu.
This textbook approach to designing and developing high-quality instruction for career and technical education courses is an indispensable guide for pre-service teachers to veteran educators seeking to enhance their curriculum and maximize their learners’ skills acquisition. Applicable across all career clusters, users of this book will develop an understanding and appreciation of a systems approach to curriculum development that is a foundation for high-quality learning experiences by their students.

The book is organized in four parts:

Part I focuses on the historical and philosophical perspectives of CTE curriculum development from early apprenticeships and manual training through the significant legislation and philosophers who impacted CTE curricular changes.

Part II provides a foundation for curriculum content, including engaging partners in curriculum development, and overviews of the technical, academic, and employability standards needed for high quality CTE curriculum and programs.

Part III explores CTE learners, their diversity and needs.

Part IV of the text explores the details of curriculum construction, including learning goals, levels of learning, objectives, curriculum mapping, and unit and lesson planning.
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