Employer Engagement Toolkit

Employer Engagement Toolkit
Written by Brett Pawlowski, Executive Vice President of NC3T, and Charlie Katz, President of Charlie Katz Consulting and former Director of Corporate Engagement with the National Academy Foundation, the Employer Engagement Toolkit is a complete guide to finding and effectively engaging the business community.

Sections of the book include:
o Essentials of Partnerships - Foundational information on partnerships, including what are partnerships; how students, staff, and businesses benefit; and how to identify the assets needed to fuel partnerships
o How to Work with Partners - An introduction to the nine different models you can consider when building relationships with your partners
o How to Recruit Partners - How to find the partners you need, how to connect with them, and how to engage them in your program
o Measuring Partnership Outcomes - Design an effective measurement/evaluation model to track outcomes for your partnerships
o Sustainability: Engaging Partners for the Long Haul - Your best partners are those who come back year after year; find out how to boost long-term involvement
o Deep Dive: Advisory Boards - An in-depth review covering how to set up and run an effective advisory board
o EET Case Files - Fifteen case studies showcasing different partnership models in action. Spiral-bound.

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