Your 1st Yr: 10 THINGS 2020 BLUE

Your 1st Yr: 10 THINGS 2020 BLUE
Whether it's your first day on the job as a new career and technical educator or you are a veteran, this is the book for you!
This newly updated (2020) version of the first book in the popular series "Your First Year in CTE" features important updates on what high-quality CTE is, the reauthorized federal legislation addressing career and technical education (aka 'Perkins V') and new insights from the field.
There is no better place to start a new chapter of success than by creating the kind of CTE instruction that prepares students for further learning and the workplace. As a professional educator, you'll get tips, ideas and resources from the author/mentors to help you construct rich learning experiences for your students.
This book will give you the context (and confidence) to shape the project-based learning of a CTE classroom to produce skilled and competent learners who are prepared to begin their career journeys.
This book is an invaluable resource for newbie teachers. It provides hundreds of tips, resources and anecdotes from experienced CTE professionals-all in one fun and easy-to-read book.
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